Tilak Surf the Waves of Wonder
Tilak Fernando

About Tilak

Every once in a while a true master evolves from unexpected beginnings. Such was the case of Tilak.

For over 40 years, people from all over the world have been pleasantly surprised by the extraordinary results and life transformation they experience while working with a true master of wisdom named Tilak.

Born in Sri Lanka, Tilak even as a child displayed a unique sensitivity that allowed him to recognize and acknowledge fields of energy and openings, attracting the attention of many scholars and scientists. Although he did not come from a traditional religion, lineage or teaching, he was able to connect with the forces and elements and displayed powerful abilities that enabled him to give transmissions and transference of different types of energies to others.

Tilak moved to the United States in 1974 at the invitation of several scientists and scholars, making it his permanent residence. Numerous scientific institutes and organizations have been intrigued by Tilak’s remarkable abilities.

What Tilak offers is not some startling insight into your own psyche or cathartic release from emotional pain.  Rather it is an opening of a fresh breeze of energy and brilliance which enables you to live life without resistance.

Just like a musician playing a violin or a guitar, Tilak brings about a magnificent network of powerful energetic transmissions that resonate like a thunder in our hearts and a fire in our emotions, creating instant portals and openings that allow people to experience incredible transformations, and awakenings.


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