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Born in Sri Lanka, Tilak even as a child displayed a unique sensitivity that allowed him to recognize and acknowledge fields of energy and openings, attracting the attention of many scholars and scientists.

Although he did not come from a traditional religion, lineage or teaching, he was able to connect with the forces and elements and displayed powerful abilities that enabled him to give transmissions and transference of different types of energies to others.

Tilak offers you an invitation that opens your space bringing clarity to your mind and revitalizing your body. He brings you into a state of calmness and stability that will allow you to see the true nature of your thinking and thoughts. Tilak will show you ways that are unique to where you stand in life right now, allowing you to connect to the flow of life by revealing, awakening and opening your presence to come to the highest level of overflow. Tilak will lead you into a new freshness and new dimensions where your life will explode into wonder.

Can ordinary life be experienced as unconditional wonder? The answer is a resounding Yes!

Experiencing astonishment in ordinary life is a gift. No amount of effort can peel away the veneer of banality that renders the world that appears to us as flat, routine and opaque. Unconditional wonder is a grace that comes to us effortlessly.

The mystery that reveals there is another way of living glimmers in the margins of everyday awareness, but rarely strikes home in all its intensity. This website is your personal invitation to transform your experience of everyday life to one of unconditional wonder.





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